The Golden Clef Society

You can make a lasting difference in our community by including Music in the Mountains in your estate planning. This could be an opportunity to make a major contribution, and perhaps one that continues in perpetuity. The bequest of even a modest percentage of your estate can easily have a substantial impact. You can include MIM in your Will or Family Trust, give a portion of your IRA, or utilize other more sophisticated strategies with current benefits to you. In doing so, you will join a very special group we call the Golden Clef Society. Please consider a legacy gift to MIM in your estate plan. You will be continuing these exceptional programs for many years. Contact us to learn more.

Legacy giving is easier than you may think.

A provision in your will

Any dollar amount, percentage, or the residue of your estate can be specified. You can easily continue your yearly donation in perpetuity; simply designate fifteen times your annual gift amount to be placed in the Endowment. Each year, the interest generated will continue your gift, plus protect the principal from inflation.

A provision in your family trust

Just like in a will, gifts can be unrestricted, placed in the endowment funds, or made in memory of a loved one or honored friend.

Giving a portion of your IRA

The bequest of IRA assets mean that no income taxes will be paid.

Establish a charitable trust

You may be able to increase your current income; redirect capital gains, estate, and probate taxes according to your desires; make larger charitable gifts; and perhaps even increase your estate’s net value.

Remember when planning your estate to consult a professional advisor. We can help you find a professional to help in your planning, if needed, or you could contact the Gold Country Estate Planning Council.

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