SUMMERFEST 2014- Music Made to Move You


Our SummerFest brochure launched early last week and by now should have made its way to your mailbox. So you’re reading about our 2014 pianist-in-residence Konstantin Soukhovetski, are curious about what a Bedouin tent looks like, or are wondering where to get the Wookie costume for our John Williams Spectacular. You’re getting ready to party with the Fab Four, named the “best Beatles show in the world” according to the LA Times. And you’re already hunting for your decorations for our 3rd of July picnic table contest.

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll take you behind the scenes, introduce you to our guest conductors and soloists, and share in all of the happenings that make a festival so special. We’ll highlight our food vendors, introduce some of our terrific sponsors, and let you know when the open rehearsal or after-party is happening. So be sure to check your inbox, our website, and our Facebook page regularly to stay in-the-know. Let’s start of with a little more info on Konstantin. More soon.

Cristine Kelly, Executive Director

P.S. If you have not yet received your brochure, please contact the office at
(530)265-6124, or drop Nancy and email at

Tickets are on sale now. Create your own series and save 10% off when you order four or more tickets. For the best pricing (and service), give Nancy a call at the box office above.

Konstantin Soukhovetski on Tour

Our 2014 Pianist-in-residence has been busy touring South Africa this month to rave reviews. Check out his own transcription of Jules Massenet’s Manon, St. Sulpice Scene, which he premiered in the New York Chamber Music Festival at New York City’s Symphony Space. Konstantin will be back in California soon, where he’ll be playing with our friends at the Auburn Symphony on Mothers Day, May 11, at the Mondavi Center. Stay tuned for special opportunities for MIM patrons.

Konstantin will be playing the Grieg Piano Concerto with us on June 29 for our Nordic Fantasy concert, as well as the Rhapsody in Blue for our Gershwin Extravaganza on June 29. He’ll also do a program of solo music for our French Connections concert on June 26. We can’t wait to introduce you to this fabulous young pianist this summer.

Behind the Scenes

2014-03-newsletter3Curious about the cover? Check out this post from Mark Kitaoka, of Mark and Tracy Photography.

In late January 2014 I was contacted by Cristine Kelly, the Executive Director for Music in the Mountains, a symphonic company nestled in the gorgeous foothills of Nevada City, CA. Cristine, or more accurately her husband had found my work while searching the web for the Christmas present he received from Cristine, a Fuji X100S.


I had written a short article about using the Fuji in some of my commercial work. He saw the imagery I had created with the little Fuji for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and yelled down to Cristine, “Honey, you need to look at this. I think this is the guy you’ve been searching for to shoot your Company!”


Cristine wanted to show the grandeur of the area that surrounds her symphonic company and combine that beauty with the feeling music conveys to listeners. So Tracy and I traveled up to the beautiful Sierra Foothills to conduct this on location publicity session. I laugh when people ask “So Mark, how much Photoshop or green screen are in these photos?” Oh if you only knew how horrible I am with Photoshop you would not be asking me that question. And Green Screen? That’s great technology, but I don’t know the first thing about it. Is the screen really green?

2014-03-newsletter1Each of these images was shot with studio strobes, different modifiers, some reflectors and lens filters to create the effects. Curves were applied in Lightroom to bring out some contrast, but they pretty much looked like this coming out of my camera. How could we lose with Mother Nature providing such stunning real life surroundings?

Aspen resize

And at the end of the day I had Cristine’s husband photograph her with his Fuji X100S that I asked him to bring to the session. A crash course in outdoor studio lighting, metering for the ambient and presto, he got some stunning shots of his wife. Was it fun?  Was it a day we’ll always remember. Oh hell yes!

Music in the Mountains Goes to School (excerpt from The Union)

Last week, students of Grass Valley’s Margaret Scotten School were treated to familiar and not-so-familiar melodies when musicians from Music in the Mountains visited the transitional kindergarten through fourth-grade school.

Each member of the Foothill Chamber Winds demonstrated their instrument and its unique sound. The children thoroughly enjoyed both the classical music and modern-themed tunes they played. Teachers then gave follow-up lessons in their classrooms.

Many thanks to Music in the Mountains for educating students through their in-school programs, an important component of Scotten’s focus of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math.)



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