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A Thousand Kisses Deep: The Songs of Leonard Cohen is the successful creative production of KVMR News Director and foothills promoter/musician Paul Emery. Fourteen musicians bring to the stage the instrumentation of Cohen’s most recent touring bands with woodwinds, strings, guitars, keyboards and back-up singers.

“Coupled with the richness of Leonard Cohen’s writing, your arrangements, and the seasoned musicianship each of you bring, the show left me deeply touched… …one of the most rewarding evenings of entertainment I can remember, not just here, but anywhere.” – Jordan Fisher Smith

The lineup includes: Paul Emery, Anni McCann, Kimberly Bass, Eleanore MacDonald, Shay DillonPat Jacobsen, Peter Wilson, Stephen Holland, Rick Kirkpatrick, Tom Schmidt, Mark McCartney, Brady Mills and Arthur Gould.

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Four decades after he emerged as a public literary figure and then a performer Leonard Cohen remains one of the most compelling and fascinating musical figures of his era, and one of the very few from that time who still commands as much respect and attention, and probably as large an audience, in the 21st century as he did in the 1960s.

“For many people Cohen’s music is just beginning to resonate,” Emery said. “His melodies are timeless. His poetry is deep and profound, and constantly offers new insights and reactions years after their first hearing.”

Emery spent months listening to all of Cohen’s music. He set out to capture the instrumentation and arrangements of the music and band on that tour, specifically Cohen’s use of a variety of singers to carry the vocals. Emery reached out to the many local musicians he had worked with over the last 40 years on various productions to see if they were game. Bassist Pat Jacobsen became the show’s music director and took leadership of charting all of the arrangements and leading the band in rehearsals and on stage through over 17 of Cohen’s songs, including “Suzanne,” “I’m Your Man” and “Hallelujah”, among others.

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The “Nevada City Live” series marks Paul Emery’s 41st anniversary of producing concerts and gatherings that create unforgettable moments for both the performers and attendees. He has organized concerts for legendary artists such as Richie Havens and Johnny Winter along with supported up and coming musicians including MaMuse and Mark Growden and assembled local musicians for special one-night productions such as A Thousands Kisses Deep the songs of Leonard Cohen and benefit concerts for local non-profits and community causes.

Emery started producing concerts for his band at the Nevada Theatre in the early 70s. His productions continued throughout the 1980’s and included the North Columbia Folk Festival from 1986-1991.  In between organizing and promoting concerts and festivals, Emery toured Europe four times and performed for the Queen of England when she visited Sacramento in 1983.  In 1984 he opened Bennett House Recording Studio in Grass Valley and started a record label bearing the same name. During this time, Emery served as the engineer on two Jonathan Richman’s albums, “Jonathan Richman (S/T)” and “Jonathan Richman and Modern Lovers 88”, both recorded at Bennett House.

In 1996, Emery took over as Program Director at KVMR Radio and started the News Department.  Emery became Executive Director at the Center for the Arts in 2000 and for eight years handled the booking and artistic direction of the Center.  In 2008 he returned to KVMR and is currently the News Director. He has since produced shows at the Center for the Arts, Miners Foundry Cultural Center and Nevada Theatre.  In 2012, Emery was awarded the prestigious Dr. Leland and Sally Lewis Performing Arts award by the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce for his contribution and support of the performing arts in Nevada County.

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-Cousins Lobster Roll Truck (7/1 &7/2 only)
-Sundace Quesadilla & Sausage Co.
-California Gold Kettlecorn Stand
-Lazy Dog Ice Cream