Saturday, June 21, 11:30amComposer is dead image

Family Music Faire

Amaral Center and Outdoors at Fairgrounds
$10 adults, FREE for youth

This fun family event features a short kid-friendly concert, followed by a free faire for all to enjoy. For this year’s performance, the kids will help unravel a mystery as we feature the hottest piece going for kids’ concerts, Nathaniel Stookey’s Lemony Snicket: The Composer is Dead.  Bring your picnic lunch or have lunch on us!

The Composer is Dead is a kind of drawing room murder mystery where the Investigator attempts to pin the murder of “the composer” on various members of the orchestra.  Having found out about the murder, authorities dispatch the Inspector to interview  the suspects,  find the culprit, and haul him or her off to jail. But it is not so easy. Everyone has an alibi. The strings were performing a waltz at the time of the crime. The reed instruments flatter themselves out of suspicion. The trombones were having a drink. One by one everyone is questioned and released until the only logical culprit would have to be the conductor. After all, “wherever there’s a conductor, you’re sure to find a dead composer.” But the orchestra protests en masse, and in the end they admit that while they have all “butchered” a composer or two in their time, they also keep such artists alive forever.

Kids young and old will enjoy the concert, which is followed by a free music faire with activities and presentations all things musical.

Pete Nowlen, Conductor