What Happens When Art and Science Collide?

MIM’s Young Composers Project teamed up with Sierra Streams Institute (SSI) and developed an interdisciplinary curriculum focusing on salmon, macroinvertebrates, their importance to the health of the region’s watershed and music composition. The curriculum included both lab and fieldwork. Students then composed original music both for small chamber ensembles and orchestra inspired by their experiences. The project culminated in a concert featuring chamber works and a multi-media event featuring original orchestral compositions premiered by the MIM Festival Orchestra, with Pete Nowlen conducting, during the 2014 Summerfest at Amaral Center.

The experience, inspiration and process was documented in a 30-minute film, called River Music, created by Larry Huntington and Mike Bloebaum. The student’s original music served as the score for the film.  In September 2014 this film was premiered on KVIE public television to great acclaim, and has been accepted to the prestigious Wild and Scenic Film Festival, where it has received top billing. Watch a preview of River Music below.