Can Art inspire Music?

MIM’s Young Composers Project collaborated with the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento. The Crocker is an iconic cultural resource in northern CA. The Crocker’s collection includes a broad range including a large group of works by California artists and significant Latino, Chicano, Native American and African American artists.

YCP students toured the museum with a docent learning about individual pieces of art, artists and specific art movements, Each student was tasked with finding a specific artwork/artist that spoke to them, as it would be the genesis for their musical composition. They took pictures with their phones (of course) and when they returned home, researched and journaled about the artwork/artist. Students then began writing music for small ensembles based on their choice of artwork, artist and their research. Videographers, Lou and Blaise Douros filmed the fieldtrip and students with their chosen works of art. These images were projected live to the premiere performance of student’s new compositions by professional musicians at Peace Lutheran Church on June 2016.