MIM Education for Nevada County Schools 2017/2018

music-in-the-schools1Take 5 For Music (formerly Brummitt-Taylor): Teachers read a paragraph about a classical composer and/or composition and play the same composition daily for a week, each day sharing more about the work. In addition to learning about iconic composers and their music, students learn many skills including listening, interpretation, and focus. Many teachers use it after recess or lunch as a transition tool.
• Duration: daily throughout the school year.
• Sign-up September to mid-October. *
• For students 1st-6th grades.
• Time commitment is 5-10 minutes a day (teacher’s discretion).
• Cost: The classroom kit, consisting of 8 cds and comprehensive manual, is free to teachers ($295 value).
• Teacher training covered in one brief workshop on site.
• Limit: 40 teachers

music-in-the-schools2Carnegie Linkup:
In the exciting new program, students learn to sing and play a recorder in their classroom. “Orchestra Sings” is the theme of this year’s program. Students bring their new musical skills to the concert hall in May, where from their seats they perform with a professional orchestra! These students are introduced to the symphony orchestra first-hand. MIM provides teaching workshops for teachers.
• Offered Oct.-May.
• School signup in September (concerts the week of May 16th. *
• For students 3rd-5th grades.
• Time commitment varies from daily to weekly.
• Cost: $10 per student, teacher and student handbooks included. Also $3 recorder fee (schools may choose to use existing recorders or purchase new). Teacher and student handbooks included.
• Limit: 1200 students each year.
• Please note: First come, first served.

music-in-the-schools3Music Live:
Features professional musicians performing 45-minute chamber music concerts in Nevada County schools. Using a four-year rotating schedule (brass quintet, woodwind quintet, string quartet and percussion trio), students are exposed to the instruments of the orchestra “up close and personal”. This year a percussion trio will be featured. To increase student engagement MIM suggests asking the students to draw or write to the musicians, describing what they saw, heard, and liked.
• Offered in the Spring.
• Sign up September-October. **
• For students K-8th grades.
• Time commitment is one 45-minute concert/assembly
• Teachers accompany their students to the concert/assembly
• Cost: free
• Limit: ten schools.
• Please note: First come, first served.

music-in-the-schools4Peers Performing 4 Peers:
MIM’s Young Musicians perform mini-concerts in the classrooms, talk about their music, instrument, and practice habits while fielding questions from students. This is an innovative and symbiotic program providing an empowering environment for for both the students’ listening and asking questions, and for the student performer, too.

• Offered in the Spring
• Sign up in January *
• For students in 1st-6th grades.
• Time commitment is approximately 20 -30 minutes.
• Classroom activity.
• Cost: free.
• Limit: 24 individual Nevada County classrooms.
• Please note: First come, first served.


*Contact Mark Vance, MIM Education Coordinator, at (530) 265-6173 x 202, mark@nullmusicinthemountains.org
**Contact Judy Nielsen, Assistant to the Associate Superintendent, Educational Services, at (530) 478-6400 x 208, jnielsen@nullnevco.org

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